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Midwest Fur Fest Sushi Meet/Chicago Sushi

I know it's still close to 3 months away, but I like to plan a bit early anyways :P Anyways, this post has two reasons! One, see if anyone is up to a sushi meet during MFF? Dates/times/locations are still up in the air, since I'm not even sure if there'll be enough interest to warrant trying. Though really, if nothing else, I'm going to get sushi, so if anyone wants to join me, or have me join them, then I'm all for that :D

Second! Any recommendations for a sushi lover going to the Chicagoland area who wants good sushi, but doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Last year I got my sushi at the hotel; tasty sushi, but a bit pricey compared to other places I've gone (but really, it's expected :P It's food from a major hotel. It's going to be pricey!) I didn't really know where else to go however. Preferrably near the convention center itself, but certainly not restricted to walking distance.

...while I'm thinking of it.. how many furs here are in or near the Steven's Point, WI area? Delicious and affordable sushi place (Matsu-Ya; great combo deal there! 3 sushi rolls for around $10; very filling!) I go to once a month or so in that area. (I'm actually 90 miles away from there, so i don't go too often since it's about a half-tank of gas round trip) I'd totally be up for a once a month meet or something, if anyone could go! :D Alternatively, anyone in the Green Bay area that can recommend a place? Even though I've lived here for 10+ years, I'm not entirely familiar with the local sushi places (that serve more than just tuna/salmon rolls, though those two are the main sushi I eat.) I know of only one place, and that place (Koko's I believe) is a tad on the expensive side.

Sushi Bar: Week 1

First and foremost, I'm definitely enjoying myself working sushi. Beats cooking steaks on a grill any day! I'm not sure how my progress is going learning wise, I know a lot more than when I started but I'm still nowhere near the other guys in technique.

Thus far I have been primarily making California rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Those two are the most popular items at our bar and also form the basis for other things, like rainbow rolls and daily specials and such. So we will often have a few dozen of them pre-made on hand and kept on boards under damp cloths ready to go for busy moments.

As far as being quick and efficent in rolling maki, spreading the rice over the nori is the critical step. Ideally, you can get it done in about four steps or motions. Once, spreading the rice across the top, pulling it down both short sides and then down the middle. Done correctly the rice spreads evenly to all the edges with no gaps and remains "fluffy" with distinct grains, not mashed down. I can spread it all right, but not in so few motions and as evenly as the others, without taking more time to tinker around with it.

Also, relearning the way I cut things. To this point I've always used the standard "french" style of knife cutting, but I'm having to relearn the Japanese style of cutting which, at this stage for me, is like awkwardly starting everything over again. But its nessasary to be able to efficently and cleanly cut through rolls without crushing or destroying them.

In the coming weeks, I'll do a few opening shifts and learn how to prep things, cut fish, etc. Will post more updates as things progress.

Taking the Plunge...

Recently at my job there were some people that quit and left a gaping void behind, and I was asked if I wanted to step in. So thusly, I shall be working at the sushi bar at my restaurant for the time being. Looking forward to learning and doing a lot more. If anyone is interested in reading about it, I can chronicle my learning experiences here. Let me know!

Super deluxe dragon roll

I went to Boise to hang out with a friend and they took me to a sushi bar first thing! I thought the dragon roll he ordered was too cute to not take a picture of. X3


Not exactly sushi, but not to be missed!

Hey all! MFF coming up next week. Though I won't be able to attend myself, is there anyone there that knows of any sushi places in the area or is willing to arrange an outing themselves?

I thought I would also like to mention that one of my favorite restaurants, Moto's, is in Chicago and is an experience not to be missed! Run by Homaro Cantu, Moto's is a place that has a focus on molecular gastronomy and playful, fun food. You might have seen him on episodes of Iron Chef and other TV shows. Their food features things like liquid nitrogen and lasers, edible paper, french fries made of ketchup and ketchup made of french fries, drinks that change color and temperture as you drink them, and all sorts of stuff. Its definately an experience if you can make it.

Website: http://www.motorestaurant.com/

Wolfgang Puck's at Downtown Disney

A bit over due in posting this, I meant to get it up sooner. But the Grand Cafe was were we had sushi during Megaplex. Posted below is info from the sushi bar menu:

Seaweed Salad - 3.95
Miso Soup - 3.95
Edamame - 2.95

Nigiri - 2 pieces
Tuna - 6.95
Octopus 6.95
Shrimp 5.95
Eel 5.95
Salmon 5.95
Seared Tuna 6.95
Yellowfin 6.95

Sashimi - 4 pieces
Tuna - Maguro 10.95
Seared Tuna 8.95
Salmon 8.95
Octopus 10.95
Yellowfin 10.95

Maki - 8 pieces
Spider Roll - 16.95
Big Kahuna 13.95
Dancing Roll 14.95
Rainbow Roll 14.95
Deluxe Cali 12.95
Tempura 15.95
Broiled Eel 12.95
Veggie Roll 9.95
Spicy Tuna 10.95

Cali + 4 Nigiri, Miso soup 19.95
Chef's Sampler - 1/2 Cali, 1/2 spicy tuna, 5 nigiri 3 sashimi, edamame, miso soup, 24.95
Sashimi- 3 pieces each of 4 different fish 28.95

Compared to some places their prices are a little higher but as anyone that went during Megaplex can attest, the quality is very high. Also, they recently hired some newer younger help at the sushi bar and they are turning out very unique and interesting specials every day with some nice presentations.

Also worthy of note is a unique Wolfgang creation that is not available at the sushi bar, but only upstairs in the Dining Room, the Tuna Tartare appetizer. Yellowfin tuna is diced and mixed with a Chilli Aioli, soy, wasabi, minced ginger and scallions and filled with daikon sprouts into a miniature ice cream cone made of seasame and miso, then garnished with masago. Three per order, they offer a lovely spicy tuna taste with a crisp crunch and taste of sweet seasame miso.


Anything going down for Sushi at MFM?

Megaplex meet

I first off want to say a big thanks to Takala for getting us all together here at Megaplex to go nom on some sushi! Even though one car got seperated they made it back to the hotel right after the rest of us. In fact I ran onto RB right as I walked into the convention space and he said that getting seperated wasn't a big deal at all since he knew his way around the highways.

The sushi was excelent at Wolfgang Puck, and i'm looking forward to more great sushi fur meets at other conventions! Thanks again Takala!

Megaplex is Almost Upon Us!

Given that MP is tomorrow and people are starting to arrive and all, lets do the sushi furs thing on Saturday, so people have time to read this and such. That is Saturday, during the Dinner break in the programming schedule. All interested in going, meet up in the Lobby of the hotel in the half hour or so before the scheduled dinner break. Depending on who shows up for sure, we'll organize car pools for those that don't have rides.

Just a few short days away! I am looking at doing the sushi outing on Friday or Saturday, during the "dinner" break in the schedule, so no one misses out on something. Thus far, only a few have commented on wanting to go, and they are as follows:

Darktiger 77
Onemanzoo (possibly with 4 others?)
Animecat & Akela

I know of one or two others that haven't chimed in that will likely go. The other day I did a drive and ticked off the distance, Wolfgang Puck's at Downtown Disney is only 8 miles from the hotel, making it one of the shortest drives. Plus there is all the other amusements at DTD to be had before or afterwards.

Anyone else interested in going? Any yeys/nays to the choice of venue?

Sushiology - Orlando, FL


6400 I-Drive #130 
Orlando, FL 
(407) 345-0245

Second location:
8249 Vineland Ave. 
Orlando, FL (Lake Buena Vista) 
(407) 239-4920

Hours of operation: Usually they are open from 11am to 11pm Mon-Thu. and Sun. and from 11am to 1am Fri-Sat. To be sure call ahead because the website does not list exact hours. 
Prices: Average
Portions: Above average 
Atmosphere: Sushiology is a very small hole in the wall place that gets packed very quickly around the evening, so you would want to get there early. They also do not take reservations because of limited seating. 
Average price per roll: $5.50
Good eats: 
Makimono $3+
Nigiri $1.25+
Donburi $6.50+
Special rolls $8+ (have very interesting and tastey combinations)
Gourmetry combo plates (30+ pieces of sushi) $22+ (Although they have raised the prices a bit on their website, these are still the BEST prices I have seen for the amount and QUALITY of sushi you receive. I highly suggest the Gigabite ($36) it's 64 pieces of sushi with 8 different rolls that you can easily share with others.)

Over all this is one of the better quality and priced sushi places I have found in FL. Always friendly staff who are bi-lingual and speedy, you can order the 30+ piece sushi plates without having to call ahead! The variety of sushi they serve is great and always fresh. We like to visit as often as we can. :)