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All right, first things first, Megaplex is swiftly approaching and I'd like to be able to organize an outing at some point during the con, most likely Friday or Saturday. I am currently doing some research into restaurants in the area of the hotel. While that section of highway 192 is undeniably jam packed with all manner of places, a quality sushi joint isn't high on the list, most of them would involve a little bit of a drive.

I'd like to see a show of paws (Or comments to this post at least) of people that will be at Megaplex and will be interested in going, so we can figure out how many we're working with. It will be nice to notify the restaurant ahead of time (heh heh) if we amass a large group to go.

Still looking for possible venues, but the ones that come immediately to mind are Kobe Steakhouse, which has locations in Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee, Wolfgang Puck's, also at LBV/Downtown Disney, and Mikado in the Metro West area. Still looking into more places, and the venue will have to be chosen depending on people's preferences and the commute/ride share required. If you know of something, please do make a suggestion!

One of my favourite cons is furfright, and while it might seem rural, there's actually a ton of local eateries at which to engorge onesself on the tasty treats of New England. Since it's coming up in a few months, I figured I would post some foodages here for those heading out :) 

The pizza place just up the street is fantastic(Antonio's). They've got an EXPANSIVE menu: http://www.go2antonios.com/Menu.pdf And their pizza prices are really reasonable (Large w/ 3 toppings under $20? Who even DOES that?). The pizza crusts are toasty, although thinner than DC style pizza, so you've gotta fold them or all your ingredients fall off :P
Not to mention how huge they are. I bought two of these to feed the ravenous beasts living in the registration den, and there was a TON of leftovers.

The mall is nearby, and has the typical fare- we usually go to the Olive Garden, but there's a local pub and an Uno's(Mmm.. unos), plus a food court with not-so-cheap cheap eats.

Nino's Trattoria, at 91 Scott Rd in Waterbury, has some fine dining for relatively little cash. It's a would-be fancy sit-down, but they have wine, beer and steaks. Their pasta is fantastic- I got cheese raviolis in vodka sauce with procuto. I'm going back just to have THAT again :P 

The Smoking Kettle BBQ: 511 Frost Rd in Waterbury, has AMAZING brisket- has anyone been there? If you want something other than Italian, which is pretty much all that Waterbury seems to offer(Except take-out chinese), this place has great family-style bbq.

Here's one I'm going to try out this year, http://www.cavallos1.com/ , although I haven't been before.

Oh man, I'm so hungry.

Grand Opening

I've been toying with the idea for awhile, after numerous cons. Amoungst many that I know, sushi and Japanese cuisine has quite following and one favorite con activity is seeking out the local restaurants. So, I've created this community for those with an interest in such things to not only talk about food, but to discuss the various sushi restaurants around convention sites and cities and to more easily organize outings to them.

Coming up right soon this very month is megaplex, Orlando, Florida's own furry con! With its reputation as a tourist city and flavored with an international blend of many cultures, Orlando is also home to many fine Asian restaurants. Coming soon, look for reviews on places around the area as well as details on organizing the inaugural sushi_furs dinner, to take place during the convention!

Any and all new members joining the community, feel free to comment and let yourselves be known!


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