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Midwest Fur Fest Sushi Meet/Chicago Sushi

I know it's still close to 3 months away, but I like to plan a bit early anyways :P Anyways, this post has two reasons! One, see if anyone is up to a sushi meet during MFF? Dates/times/locations are still up in the air, since I'm not even sure if there'll be enough interest to warrant trying. Though really, if nothing else, I'm going to get sushi, so if anyone wants to join me, or have me join them, then I'm all for that :D

Second! Any recommendations for a sushi lover going to the Chicagoland area who wants good sushi, but doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Last year I got my sushi at the hotel; tasty sushi, but a bit pricey compared to other places I've gone (but really, it's expected :P It's food from a major hotel. It's going to be pricey!) I didn't really know where else to go however. Preferrably near the convention center itself, but certainly not restricted to walking distance.

...while I'm thinking of it.. how many furs here are in or near the Steven's Point, WI area? Delicious and affordable sushi place (Matsu-Ya; great combo deal there! 3 sushi rolls for around $10; very filling!) I go to once a month or so in that area. (I'm actually 90 miles away from there, so i don't go too often since it's about a half-tank of gas round trip) I'd totally be up for a once a month meet or something, if anyone could go! :D Alternatively, anyone in the Green Bay area that can recommend a place? Even though I've lived here for 10+ years, I'm not entirely familiar with the local sushi places (that serve more than just tuna/salmon rolls, though those two are the main sushi I eat.) I know of only one place, and that place (Koko's I believe) is a tad on the expensive side.


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